"I accidentally ate the whole thing."

"I accidentally ate the whole thing."
A journey through food

Monday, June 11, 2012

Current Sushi- Washington, DC

Welp, I have finally returned home to the good ol’ US of A, though that hardly means I have slowed down travel wise. Within 2 weeks of my return home I went to 3 different cities before finally settling in what is to be my home for the summer: Washington, DC. This is my first time being in DC (that I am old enough to remember, anyway) and I am excited to be here for so many reasons. I mean, the nation’s capital is of course going to have some pretty cool stuff to explore: incredible monuments, free museums, beautiful parks and gardens, and (most exciting of all) fabulous restaurants!

I don’t think it needs to be said that I already had a list of restaurants I wanted to try in DC even before it was confirmed that I would be living here for the summer.  It is a long and diverse list with restaurants specializing in a range of cuisines. I’ll admit that I steered clear of adding a lot of Italian restaurants to the list. I am sure there are several good ones in DC, but a girl needs a change of pace after 4 months of pasta.

Cue in Current. Current is a sushi restaurant near Dupont Circle in Washington DC. Seeing as sushi is one of the foods I ate absolutely none of while abroad, I was ready to treat myself to this Japanese delight.

Upon walking into Current, I was excited to be back in a restaurant that had a certain kind of atmosphere, uniqueness. In Italy, the restaurants all tend to have a similar, almost homey, feel and look to them, but Current felt completely different with its wooden floors and dark walls accented by subtle candle light. It felt sleek and trendy, but avoided being cheesy or over the top.  The noise level was quiet enough for my friend and I to have a conversation but was not awkwardly quiet. The only tweak I would have made is for there to have been a bit more lighting so we could have gotten a better look at our food, cause it tasted gooood.
Both my friend, Lauren, and I were hungry and ready to go all out. To start, we ordered the shrimp and vegetable wontons to share. Lauren then ordered a small mixed salad with ponzu dressing along with 2 of Current’s signature rolls. I ordered the chef’s selection sushi tasting menu.

Lauren’s salad arrived first. The base was your standard mixed greens with cherry tomatoes and shredded carrots, but the addition of sesame seeds and the ponzu dressing made the salad a bit above average. Ponzu is a citrus based sauce that was thin, like vinaigrette, and had a flavor that reminded Lauren and I of miso dressing (which we are both fans of).

Next to come out were the shrimp and vegetable wontons, four tiny pockets of mushroom, cabbage and onion with no shortness of shrimp and a lime-ginger sauce for dipping. The nicely browned wontons tasted good on their own, but became great with the additional dimension of the sauce.

While we enjoyed the wontons, I was brought out a bowl of miso soup which came as a part of my tasting menu. The soup was standard in flavor but heartier than any other miso soup I have had. Each spoonful was loaded with as much seaweed and tofu as it was broth.

Then my main course arrived. I was brought out a platter with 6 pieces of nigiri (rice with fish lying on top) and 1 spicy tuna roll. The fish atop the nigiri were tuna, yellowtail, horse mackerel, Chilean white tuna, scotish salmon, and eel.  I was in heaven. The simplicity of the nigiri was so pleasing and the spicy tuna roll was just hot enough to be interesting, but not too hot so that I couldn’t enjoy it. The best part was that the lightness of the chef’s selection as a whole allowed me to clear the plate and not be overly full.

Lauren was equally pleased with her main course. She ordered the Dubfire pepper tuna roll and the Thomas Blondet roll. The Thomas Blondet was similar to a Philadelphia roll in flavor due to the inclusion of cream cheese, but it also had spicy tuna, scallions, spicy miso, and sesame seeds. It  was the Dubfire pepper tuna roll that really impressed us, though. It had grilled asparagus, cilantro, pickled scallion, wasabi, and jalapeno peppers rolled in rice and topped with torched tuna with a mayo sauce drizzled on top. It was fabulous. The just asparagus and just seared tuna were the main flavors that came through but they were elevated by the addition of the other components of the roll.

All in all at Current, the sushi was good, the service was attentive, and our water glasses were always kept full. Current made mission “treat myself to sushi” a great success.  

Current Sushi
1215 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20036

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